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McKay Chidester

McKay is currently a student at Utah State University studying exercise science and pre-med with a minor in philosophy.  He grew up in Cedar Hills, Utah but is loving Cache valley!  He loves football, basketball, volleyball, as well as hiking, camping and just being outside.  McKay married a former college soccer play about a year ago so now he likes soccer too!  He also loves sneakers, music, and film photography when he’s not studying or training.

McKay started weightlifting in high school at first for football, but then more seriously when his coaches told him he was too small.  His uncle and dad began training him the spring of his sophomore year and he’s been going ever since.  Lastly, he’s a type 1 diabetic which largely contributes to his desire (and need!) to exercise and stay healthy.

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Abbey Carlson
Abbey Carlson is the owner of Hyde Park Fitness. She is a registered dietitian, personal trainer and health coach. She is passionate about helping other people be healthier.
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