Cache Valley moves to low-risk category.

As many of you know, Cache County will move to low-risk for COVID-19 starting Saturday May 16th. With this change, we have new regulations to follow. Here are the changes you will see:

  • Members do not need to be screened before they enter the facility. We ask that you stay home if you are sick.
  • Members must wipe down everything they touch while in the facility.
  • Members must stay 10 feet apart from each other.
  • The showers and locker rooms are now open! We must still maintain social distancing in this area. We are asking to limit the locker area to 3 people at one time.
  • The daycare will remain closed until further notice.

Thank you for continuing to be amazing patrons through all these changes. We love and appreciate our gym members.

Hyde Park Fitness Owner

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