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Daycare Closures:

  • Monday November 25th – Friday November 29th
  • Monday December 23rd – Friday December 27th
  • Tuesday December 31st- Wednesday January 1st

Upcoming Daycare Changes

  1. Daycare services will require an appointment
    1. This will help ensure that your child receives the best care possible by not having too many children in the daycare at one-time.
    2. Appointments can be booked up to 7 days in advance. But appointments do not need to be booked in advance. Appointments can be booked upon arrival if there are available slots for the hour. I would recommend booking before you arrive to ensure that there is a slot open for you.
    3. Effective date: Immediately
    4. How to schedule:
      1. Visit to schedule
      2. Click on “Daycare”
      3. Click on “Book Now”
      4. Click “Select” next to Daycare Visit
        1. NOTE: If you are bringing more than one child, please book a separate appointment for each child.
      5. Please select a time within the hour you would like to come. There will be 10 slots per hour. Please ignore the number after the hour. If you sign up for any appointment starting with the number 9, you may bring your child anytime after 9:00am and pick them up before 10:00am. If you sign up for any appointment starting with the number 10, you may bring your child anytime after 10:00am and pick them up before 11:00am.
  1. Daycare services will be purchased with a monthly fee instead of punch cards
    1. Effective date: Starting January 1, 2020
    2. Pricing:
      1. $25 per month for 1 child
      2. $35 per month for 2+ children
    3. Daycare users will be required to pay for daycare services with automatic monthly payments.
    4. Monthly price will not be cheaper when there are closure dates. We have factored anticipated closure dates into the cost.
    5. We will continue to use punch passes until January 1, 2020. Punch passes will not be accepted after that date.

Daycare Survey

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